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Compassion International & the Indian Government

Compassion International is a US-based Christian charity dedicated to releasing children from poverty and to cultivating their holistic development. To these ends, it pairs impoverished children with international donors who fund the education, nutrition, health, and after-school programs of the children in need.

From 2009, DBS has partnered with Compassion to run a Compassion Center in one of Delhi's largest slums. With the help of Compassion's training, resources, and funding, DBS has been able to support the holistic development of 247 children.

Unfortunately, due to a government crackdown on foreign NGO's, Compassion's funding has been frozen, and Compassion has accordingly has been forced to shut down its operations in India, abruptly ending the fiscal support of more than 147,000 impoverished children throughout India, including DBS's 247.

For more on the shutdown, see Christianity Today coverage, as well as Compassion's video here.



Though DBS is distraught to see the departure of Compassion International from India, the Brotherhood refuses to let the 247 children under their care go.

Accordingly, DBS has taken over employment of the courageous Compassion workers that had been running DBS's Compassion center (seen above), and who are committed to continuing to care for the children in the spirit of Compassion, and in a manner acceptable to the Indian government.

Already these workers have started a for-profit daycare to help alleviate the costs associated with running the center. Still, these workers and DBS are in great need of your help.


Last year, the budget allocated by Compassion for our children totaled nearly $80,000 USD, or 30% of our total private donations. Now, we are starting from scratch and can use all the help we can get.


The Brotherhood is always looking for new friends--institutional and individual--to join with us in our work. Now, we are calling on anyone we can to come see our compassion project, and to come along side us in any way they can.


Prayer is powerful, and we need a small miracle to continue to support our 247 children effectively. We invite all to keep us, and the care of these children, in their prayers going forward.

How You Can Help


Please share our story with friends and over social media. A friend of a friend could make all the difference.

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