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Women's Empowerment


DBS has long been committed to fighting the secondary status of women in India. To this end, DBS has run two projects in partnership with the government to fight abuse, and to help women empower one another. First is the Women's hotline, open throughout the year to help women in distress. The government of India has expressed its gratitude for DBS's initiative here, and has extended its help especially in cases which require legal assistance.


Additionally, DBS partners with the government to operate two Mahila Panchayat, which is perhaps best translated as a women's town councils. The Mahila Panchayat is a joint venture with the state government, and is designed such that women may easily come to the council for advice and aid. The councils hear cases, offer advice, and hold counseling sessions with a good track record of couple reconciliation. The councils also regularly address issues of divorce, property disputes, abuse, and dowry demands.


For more recent news on DBS's Mahila Panchyat, see the annual reports.

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