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Work Among the Elderly


India is witnessing a growing need for care for the elderly. DBS seeks to address this need through operating a senior recreation centre at Sundernagri, as well as a home for senior citizens at Lampur. The recreation center maintains a regular schedule for between 20-30 elderly individuals, where they can meet, fellowship, sing and pray together, as well as discuss family issues. The center also runs several games and activities for the elderly, and organizes more practical initiatives: information for pension schemes and information for healthy geriatric diets.


The Home in Lampur takes care of approximately 30 elders in residence. These elders are provided three meals a day, clothes, toiletries, and regular doctor visits. National and religious holidays are celebrated, and funeral rites are also provided according to members' religious traditions.


For more recent news on DBS's Work Among the Elderly, see the annual reports.

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