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St. John's Vocational/Technical Training Centre at Tahirpur


St. John's is one of DBS's major operations. Each year, it trains hundreds of individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds in need of training to support their livelihood. Training is offered in 13 trades, in courses that range from 6 months to 2 years. Trainees are also offered workshops on human resource development, entrepreneurship, personality development and conversational English. A variety of cultural and recreational events are also offered to keep up spirit and enthusiasm, including debates, dances, singing, and other musical events.


Trades offered include:

air conditioning and refrigeration

motor mechanics



cutting and tailoring

computer application

computer software and hardware

electrical technician

electronic mechanics

welder and fitter




Trainees begin from age 14, and those with higher education are able to apply for advanced training courses.


For more recent news on DBS's St. John's Vocational/Technical Training Center at Tahirpur, see the annual reports.

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