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The Delhi Brotherhood Society (DBS) is a unique non-governmental organization established by the Brotherhood of the Ascended Christ Monastery. To understand the history of DBS, one must accordingly start with the history and legacy of the Brotherhood of the Ascended Christ, from which the NGO takes its name and ethos. I became acquainted with the Brotherhood and DBS by chance in 2016, and have been astounded by the legacy, work, and impact of these two institutions ever since. Nestled in the heart of Delhi, the Brotherhood of the Ascended Christ (originally known as the Cambridge Mission) has worked tirelessly for the betterment of the city and India as a whole since its establishment in 1877. Since 1973, DBS was established to give greater structure and focus to the Brotherhood's social work, and has served hundreds of disadvantaged individuals across Delhi every year.


From its social intervention, to its schooling work, to its intellectual contributions, the sheer breadth and depth of achievements accomplished by DBS for the betterment of society are simply overwhelming. Spend a little time around DBS, and you cannot help but see lives transformed: slum children are given schooling and a future; women are empowered against domestic violence; Dalit (untouchable) communities have their histories and rights illuminated through scholarly work; helpless children are rescued from bonded labour and abuse; prisoners are cared for in their distress; leper colonies are ministered to; and beyond.


Perhaps most astounding of all, however, is the spirit in which this work is accomplished. Propelled by their Gospel values, the Brothers conduct their work with inspiring humility, love, and faithfulness. The Brothers' thoughts, speech, and hearts are intimately tied to the plight of the downtrodden and the oppressed—an ethos that has permeated throughout their organization. These brothers have truly given themselves mind, body, and soul to the service of the poor. I invite you to learn more about the Brotherhood's rich history, meet the brothers themselves, see the Brotherhood House, and perhaps even plan a visit through the guesthouse services. To see the range and impact of the work accomplished by DBS, I hope you will examine the numerous projects that it has undertaken, and find more up-to-date information via the annual reports.

Established: 1973


Vision: to help people realise their potentials, dignity and to create their own destiny by making them self-reliant.


Mission: to work among the elderly, women and youth of deprived communities. The organisation strives to work for their social and economic development by providing education, shelter, skill training, legal intervention and partnership.


The Delhi Brotherhood Society (DBS) is a non-partisan NGO devoted to the betterment of Delhi and the Indian Motherland. DBS aims to serve the poor and oppressed, regardless of caste, creed, or ethnicity.

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