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Jai Kumar

Priest, Automobile Mechanic Engineer

Joined the Brotherhood: 2003

Hometown: Delhi


Fr Jai Kumar also grew up in DBS's boys' home, only to return as a Brother. With a constant air of joy and peace, Fr Jai Kumar is wholly devoted to the Brotherhood's Rule of Life and oversees DBS's St. John's Vocational Training Centre. As a great lover of music, Fr Jai Kumar livens the chapel of the Brotherhood House with his songs. He is also an accomplished musician, and particularly renown for his harmonica skills.

Raju George

Priest, Entrepreneur, & Secretary of DBS

Joined the Brotherhood: 1998

Hometown: Delhi


Once a member of DBS's boy's home, Fr Raju has been around the Brotherhood all his life. Having benefited from the care of the Brotherhood, Fr Raju had an exciting and successful carreer as a gym owner and competitive body builder before rejoining the Brotherhood as a brother. Fr Raju is famous for his extensive network of deep friendships throughout Delhi and the world, and is visible playing cricket with the boys of the boys' home every Sunday afternoon.

Monodeep Daniel

Priest, Theologian, Educationalist, &Chair of DBS

Joined the Brotherhood: 1989

Hometown: Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh


Fr Monodeep is an eminent Dalit theologian and author of numerous books. When not lecturing, writing, or studying Biblical Greek, he can be found at the Brotherhood House or St. Stephen's College. Generous with his time and knowledge, Fr. Monodeep is an intellectual and spiritual blessing to all those he comes in contact with.

Solomon George

Priest, Journalist, & Treasurer of DBS

Joined the Brotherhood: 1989

Hometown: Delhi


A longstanding member of the Brotherood, Fr Solomon is known for his kindness, warmth, and positivity. Fr Solomon oversees much of the day to day operation of DBS, but also expresses his heart for the poor and oppressed through his involvement with India's liberation movements. A tireless servant to DBS and his church, Mukti Aradhnaly, Fr Solomon is a bastion of sound wisdom.

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